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Musicians performing at WFM concert #2 on Sep 16, 2022

Deborah Buck, violin                   www.deborahbuck.net

Conrad Harris, violin                   www.ConradHarris.com

Sarah Crocker Vonsattel, violin   


William Hakim, viola                  http://stringorchestraofnyc.org/players/hakim.html

Wendy Sutter, cello                     https://www.wendysuttermusic.com

Jeremy McCoy, double bass       https://jeremymccoy.net

Mindy Kaufman, flute                https://NYPHIL.org/about-us/artists/mindy-kaufman

Ryan Roberts, oboe                     https://NYPHIL.org/about-us/artists/ryan-roberts

Paolo Bordignon, harpsichord + organ       https://NYPHIL.org/about-us/artists/paolo-bordignon

Concert #2 on Sep 16, 2022


Concert on Sep 9, 2022

Mindy Kaufman, flute; Daniel Khalikov, violin; Deborah Buck, violin; William Hakim, viola; Wendy Sutter, cello; Laura Lutzke, violin; Paolo Bordignon, harpsichord, organ.
Rupert Boyd, classical guitar; Conrad Harris, violin; Jeremy McCoy, double bass.

Happy Birthday Debbie!

all photos by Carl Weese   https://www.carlweese.com


WFM 2022 Summer Concerts 

Fridays, September 9th and September 16th at 5:30pm

Washington Friends of Music is pleased to present two superb classical and baroque music concerts featuring prominent composers and world-class musicians. These outstanding artists have performed solo as well as in renowned venues and orchestras including the New York Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, and the famous Classical Tahoe Music Festival.

The mission of WFM has been to bring fine classical music events and a variety of talent to Washington. With these concerts, we are continuing our mission, building on numerous years of success, and adding a more diverse program.


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Photographs of Concert #2 by Carl Weese

To get a much larger and clearer view of the photos just click on any one of them


                                                    " Dots & Stripes " by Carl Weese


                                      Joel Pitchon and his 1686 Andrea Guarneri violin.

Wendy Sutter playing on a very rare Guadagnini cello - he is the third-best maker behind Stradivarius and Guarneri. An instrument like that went for $2+ mn at a recent auction.